They say, “good things come to those who wait,” Kenni & Kai believe you've waited long enough....

Bouncing around the Indian Ocean on the West Australian shoreline, inspired two sisters, Kaila and Tahnee Atkinson, to create something beautiful.

With a family experienced in the textile industry and a strong belief that a dip in the ocean will cure nearly any ailment, Kaila and Tahnee were motivated to create their idea of the perfect swim collection.

Kenni & Kai reflects simplicity and elegance; combining hand selected fabrics with flexible sizing options. By selling tops and bottoms separately, they strive to ensure the perfect fit for any body shape.

Kenni & Kai is a dream fulfilled by its creators and they endeavour to set an example for all women who wish to accomplish their dreams and ambitions.

“Whether your perfect summers day involves swimming in the ocean, exploring waterfalls or taking adventurous road trips, none are imaginable without your favourite bikini."

We hope your enjoy your Kenni & Kai swimwear, just as much as we've enjoyed the journey bringing them to you x